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How We Proceed With Interior Painting Services

Do you want to brighten up the interiors of your home? Has your old paint started to peel or chip? Do you wish to bring new life into certain spaces of your house? You can solve all these issues by changing the interior painting of your home. With the right paint, your home can look more elegant and it can even help your home look bigger than they actually are.

However, not a lot of people have the patience and skill to paint their home. Worry no more as Miami House Painters has got you covered. We offer the best interior painting service in the market today.

Coverage of Interior Painting

In terms of interior painting service, we cover everything from:

  • Kitchens,
  • Pantries,
  • Dining Rooms,
  • Bedrooms,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Walk-in Closets,
  • Living Rooms,
  • Lounges,
  • Home Gym,
  • Home Offices,
  • Libraries,
  • Hallways,
  • Foyers,
  • Basements,
  • Laundry Rooms,
  • Windows, and
  • Doors.

Choosing a Color and Color Combination

Since you have decided to paint the interiors of your home, you may have a bit of idea on the colors that you want to work with. However, if you are stuck in a rut over the right colors to choose, we can help you pick the right one.

Our years of experience in the business has provided us with sufficient knowledge to help you when it comes to making a choice regarding the right color combinations to use for your interior painting.

Effects of Paint Color on your Mood

According to color psychology, some colors can evoke a certain sense of emotion. This is why it is important to consider the color psychology when choosing a paint hue for the interior of your home.


The color red is great to use for the dining wall since it can help stimulate your appetite. Moreover, red is also a great paint color for areas where the family gathers since it evokes a friendly and cheerful vibe. Red is known to improve conversational skills, but it can be too stimulating if you use this paint for the bedroom.


Yellow paint colors are ideal for kitchen spaces since it is known to boost energy and stimulate appetite. On top of that, the color yellow helps in purifying the body. It can also help you to make a space look bigger. However, the color yellow is not ideally used as the main color scheme since it has a tendency to make people angrier.


Blue is the color of relaxation. This is why it is ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms since it has the tendency to lower blood pressure and heart rates. When the room is painted blue, it helps create a sense of serenity and calmness. Darker blues, on the contrary, can evoke a feeling of melancholy. This is why it is ideal to use lighter hues as the main color.


Green is the color of calmness since it is the most restful color on the spectrum. After a long day, a green room will help calm all the energy of your day. This is why green and blue are ideal color combinations for any bedroom as it helps calm your head before sleeping.

Violet or Purple

If you want your interiors to show a sense of luxury and elegance, this color scheme will work best for you. It also has a calming effect when you use a lighter shade of violet. On the other hand, violet also encourages creativity.


Orange is the best paint choice for home gyms as it evokes a sense of excitement and energy. If you want to add enthusiasm to your fitness routine, it is best to use orange as the main color scheme for your gym.

Neutral Colors (Black, White, Gray, Brown)

Neutral colors allow you to have a certain level of flexibility when used in a room. If you paint your room with neutral colors, it is easier to add accessories to your room since they will not clash with other colors.

Combining Colors

Now that you have an idea about the paint colors and their psychology, you can decide on the paint that you will use for your home. There are certain schemes that you can employ when deciding.

Monochromatic color scheme

You will use one hue, but you will add variety in the color scheme by using these colors in varying levels of darkness, saturation, and value. You can use light blue as the main color and use dark blue as an accent. Moreover, you can also add in some turquoise or sky blue in the mix.

2. Analogous color scheme

With this color scheme, you can use a combination of up to three similar colors. This is called analogous color scheme since the three colors should be beside each other in the color wheel. They are known to combine really well when painted, provided that only one color will be used as the main color for the room.

3. Complementary color scheme

This color scheme uses colors that are contrasting color since they can be found opposite each other on the color scheme. Compared to the analogous color scheme, the complementary color scheme produces a more vibrant look. The basic examples of complementary colors are yellow and purple, orange and blue, and red and green.

Miami House Painter’s Process of Interior Painting

Pre-Interior Painting Procedures

With Miami House Painter, we employ an organized procedure for doing your interior painting. Before proceeding with the house painting service, we will evaluate the state of your walls. We undergo a meeting with the client to ensure that we can discuss any other potential services that you may need apart from the house painting.

There may be cracks in your walls that need to be sealed or you may need drywall cleaning. When it comes to your wooden structure, we will check if there is any presence of rotting. If the wood is rotten, it will need replacement. In this step, we just want to ensure that the finished output will be professional and satisfactory.

Discussion of Costing and Schedule

Once we have evaluated your interior walls, we will discuss the project with the client. Some of the things that need to be discussed the clients are the scheduling and costing. There might be some unforeseen events that can affect the timing of our work as well as the cost, but we will do our best to stick to our projected estimates. Moreover, we will also discuss the budgetary constraints of the client. We want to work around your budget, which is why we will seek to find a way to work around your budget by finding the best paint that will provide the value for money.

In addition to this, we will also discuss any issues that need to be addressed like cracked walls and the presence of mold on your walls. This is also the phase where we will discuss the paint colors that you want to be used for your home. With our pre-interior painting procedure, we strive to make sure that we build a good working relationship with our clients.

When it comes to interior painting, we also need to protect the valuables present around your house. Before proceeding with the project, we will be asking you to pack your valuables to prevent any possible damage to your property. If you have any pets around the house, we would also ask you to find a temporary shelter for them in order to avoid sniffing of chemicals.

Interior Painting Procedures

Now that we have finished all the necessary discussions that need to be talked about before the commencement of the project, it is time to get down to business. Before proceeding with the work, we will ensure that the wall is safe to work with.

We will power wash the walls to ensure evenness of the surface and prevent chipping and peeling. There might be some old paint present on the walls, which is why we need to remove them. In addition to this, we might be working on a newly constructed wall that still needs curing. If that is the case, we will try to complete the curing period or ensure that the curing period can be sped up.

Once we have prepared the surface, it is time to caulk any joints, patch surfaces, and sand walls. This will ensure that the paint will be applied evenly and it will result in a more professional finish. After sealing off any imperfection on the wall, we will also cover your other valuables to ensure that they are protected against the paint.

We will also cover the windows, doors, lights, and other trimmings since they will be painted at a later time. This will also prevent mixing of the paint. Once this phase is over, it is time to get down to business as we will be starting to apply the primer to the wall. When it comes to primer, we never skimp.

Application of Primer and Paint

This is because adding a layer of primer before painting will ensure that you can apply the paint more smoothly. However, you need to apply the primer based on the condition of the wall. You need to check if the walls are dusty since paint does not stick well to walls with a chalky consistency.

After applying a layer of primer, it is now time to apply paint to your walls. We will apply two layers of paint coating to ensure that we will achieve the color that you want for your room. We always apply two layers of paint because it allows the paint to last longer. Moreover, when you apply two layers of paint, the output will be more professional looking.

We will ensure that the paint is not applied thickly since we give each layer time to dry. This will also allow for a more even and thorough application of the paint. Once we have finished painting the wall, it is now time to paint the remaining portions of the house. We will be painting the doors and windows. On top of that, we will also be painting over any decorative detail that needs to be painted over. We take pride in the thorough work of our professionals, which is why we cover any detail that might have been overlooked by other house painting companies.

Post-Interior Painting Procedures

Our work is not done after the interior painting is done, we will also do the cleanup work for you. It is important for us that we will welcome back into your home with a feeling of relaxation. You do not have to worry about paint chips on the ground and paint protection left after the job.

We will also remove the protections and cover that we have placed around your home. You are no longer burdened by the task of doing it on your own. You can move back to your home with fresh paint and none of the dirt. Since we have power washed your walls, you can also be sure that no molds and mildews will be left stuck to your walls.

We will ensure that the work we do will provide complete satisfaction from the beginning until the very end of the project.  Moreover, we will also inform you about the ideal time to return to your home and we will also give you tips on how to minimize the paint smell being emitted.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At Miami House Painters, we are determined to provide customer satisfaction, which is why we would not leave your home until you are fully satisfied with our work. The true asset of our company is our satisfied clients and we believe that our business will only progress if our customers are satisfied.

Just give us a call at 786 – 355 – 8085 and Miami House Painters will do the interior home painting job for you. You can also send us a message and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for any of your painting projects.


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