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Miami house painters is capable of all services related to painting for residential and commercial properties such as interior painting, exterior painting, and any situations that you require a painting service for an affordable price

House Interior Painting

Interior house painting service that brings a total new touch of freshness to your house.

House Exterior Painting

Let's get the outside of your home a new renovated fresh look, with our exterior house painting services.

Drywall Repair

Drywall installations and repairs needed for commercial & residential properties

Commercial Painting

We handle every type of commercial painting, for local stores, buildings, and more

Miami house painters have the ability to provide you the best painting service in Miami for any service and type of property. If you're not satisfied we neither. 100% Satisfaction Guaranateed able to provide you a A+ result for your painting needs we will refund We cover all the painting services YOU NEED.

Professional House Painters

Why working with us?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Immediate on work
  • Affordable Price
  • Free Estimate
  • > 10 Years of Experience

As the main company for house painting services in Miami, we maintain a great relationship with every single customer their satisfaction with the service miami house painter provided is our end goal. If you're not satisfied with Miami House Painters, we would love to get it done you're our priority.

How we work?

Procedure on a Typical House Painting Service

1. Call today and arrange an immediate appointment to provide you with an estimate. A representative will check out the interior walls or the exterior of the house to evaluate the condition of the surface(s)
2. We will discuss what type of paint fits the best for your particular job (determined by: the durability of various paint types, budget, how the paint will be applied, and other factors.)
3. We provide you a complete written estimate & How long the job will take
4. If the estimate is approved, if possible we start with painting service almost immediately!
5. Cleanup work begins. When we leave your room or your house we make sure of the Following: Fresh paint on the walls, and a Big smile on your face. If you are happy with us you will recommend our business to your friends and our reputation will grow.
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